True Friendship

When I came home yesterday after a gorgeous week of being with my teachers and many, many wonderful friends on the path in Wales, I opened the balcony door and a few minutes later a little sparrow flew into my working space and did not find the way out because he/she was flying against the big window again and again and was in a little bit of a shock.

So he/she came – exhaustedly – to sit in front of my working desk and after trying to move him/her gently into the right direction I handed him/her some arnica and water with a spoon which he/she did not take. Then I thought I better sit down to let the bird relax and we looked into each others eyes – and I was so touched by the innocence and the depth of the soul that was sitting in front of me. My God, we often think birds are just animals, what an error. So I opened my heart and said a few prayers for the little one so that he/she could recover from the shock – and finally – feeling better – the little sparrow found its way out.

The Bible says that birds are actually visitors from heaven, and that is how it felt to me yesterday – and I thought: What a welcome home – and what a confirmation for the last week. And I realized: We must never forget that the most precious thing in life is true friendship, not only with humans, but also with birds, dogs, horses, cows, with all animals, with trees, rivers, mountains, with the sun and the moon and and the earth and the stars in the sky. That friendship is the key to a happy life and it is the marker of an open sacred heart.

Dr. Klaus Wolff

About Dr. Klaus

Dr. Klaus Wolff - Heilpraktiker/ Psychotherapie

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