Stop the Rush, Become Still and See the Beauty of the Planet

When I wanted to go to one of my favorite walking places yesterday afternoon, the police had locked the federal road leading to that place. It is a wonderful place at the river Bröl with a waterfall and lovely trees and hills. Seeing the blocking I thought I know another hidden way to go there, drove to a parking place nearby and walked downhill through the woods to that beautiful place where I love to stand in the river, feeling the sacred flow of the water (which is so de-traumatizing and healing in many ways) around me. But when I arrived I was really shocked. There was everywhere at the banks of that river some 20 cars of fire brigade and police – and there was a strong smell of oil and chemicals and I saw that they had put things into the river that are used to hold oil that has gone into the river.

I later had a look in the internet to find out what had happened. And it said that the police think a motorcyclist raced too fast on the street near the waterfall and crashed into a lorry which then burnt completely. All the chemicals and the oil of the lorry went into the river at exactly that beautiful place where I was heading to.

I cannot describe the sadness that I felt seeing this most beautiful piece of nature being destroyed – only because somebody rushed … He would have come to his destination 1 or 2 minutes later perhaps if he had restrained himself from racing, I don’t know. For the gain of 2 minutes a whole area of kilometers of a river seriously damaged and partly destroyed.

And I remember an indigenous person saying to me years ago that he and many of them were praying that the universe would stop that form of society where people are always in greed and in a rush – because that form of society is destroying the planet and of course humanity. And may be that is what Covid and all the „lock-downs“ is all about: Changing the rushing, racing mind of a greedy unhealthy form of society and stopping everyone to rush and helping us to become still and to see the beauty of the planet which is far more worth than anything that one could gain through money or research or any wealth. If you don´t learn the lessons of life through accepting wisdom, then suffering is the only way to learn. And I see clearly that other things will come if we don´t change.

I guess you agree that this western form of society has to change. But here is the problem. When I saw the disaster yesterday I realized that I too do contribute to what happened yesterday. Not consciously – but unconsciously through my own rushing every day. I realized that I unconsciously support the racing motorcyclist by my own rushing lifestyle because my own mind is not enough in harmony with the heartbeat of the Earth and the universe.

So the lesson which I got yesterday from the universe is: I have to change more – not for myself but for the world. And I will. Thank God I have allowed myself to be in the hands of fantastic living teachers who know how to induce change. May be that is the greatest gift that you can receive in your life.

Wishing you all the stillness of the heart for today and every day. May all the people involved in that accident be blessed and may we all find the peace that lives within our hearts – the peace that saves us from rushing and leads us towards the true life beyond our limited minds …

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Dr. Klaus Wolff - Heilpraktiker/ Psychotherapie

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