A Legacy of the Heart

I had a fantastic chat with my hairdresser today. I asked him when he would go for a holiday this year, and he told me that he had just been to Spain (his homecountry) to visit his brother in a city near Madrid. And he told me that during the stay he and his wife visited the huge mausoleum which the former dictator of Spain, Generalissimo Franco, had built for himself and where he was buried.

And on the fotos that he showed me you can see a huge building like a palace and a huge cross on top of the mausoleum, nearly 50 meters high. And I asked him: „How did it feel to be there? How was the atmosphere?“ And he said: „To be honest, it was horrible.“ And he told me the story of how many people were forced to build this mausoleum and died during the hard work.

Listening to this story I realized that there are two kind of legacies that we can leave behind as a human being: One is out of stone, and the other one is a legacy of the heart.

Seeing this over-dimensional monument, I could feel the emptiness of a life without a vision of the heart. Why do we try to build monuments instead of building self-esteem and love?
And on the contrary I could really sense that all the people who do something for others, who love people, encourage, help and serve humanity leave behind the true legacy, the fulfilled legacy of the heart – even it they remain completely unseen.

It is such a grace to have this clarity in your life, what really counts and what doesn´t …

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