Thank You to the Participants of the Dru Kurma Yantra Seminar!

HUGE THANK YOU to the 31 participants of the Dru Kurma yantra seminar 6-8 April. It was such a unique experience to join forces with all of you and to anchor divine stability of the heart in our existence and radiate it out for the good of all beings. Big thank you also to my beloved teacher, Chris Barrington, who created this incredible sacred art method of more or less „effortless“ and deep change …

So much looking forward to see you all for Congress 12/13 Mai and for the next very special yantra adventure with Roman G. Kieslinger 25/26th August 2018, the powerful Ganesha yantra workshop, all about removing obstacles from our life and deep grounding. As my teacher once said: „May be turning up at the right occasions is 50% of our own progress.“

Dr. Klaus Wolff

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Dr. Klaus Wolff - Heilpraktiker/ Psychotherapie

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