Huge Thank You to the Participants of the Varaha Yantra

HUGE THANK YOU to the 42 participants of the Dru Varaha Yantra workshop 20-22 October – „Saving the Earth“. Thank you for being part of this adventure which was not only for our own progress but also for the good of all beings. I was so impressed by your courage to go through the really challenging process of this yantra painting, and I know we all felt the power of it. It is one of the secrets of success not to stop. Growing is an infinite process, becoming bigger for the good of all is a passion that brings utmost joy into your life. Huge thank you also to Chris Barrington who created the yantra and its process. It is such a privilege to have tools which really change your life and make uplifting easy. So much looking forward to see you all at the next yantra workshop in February 2018 (23-25 February, Mars / Mercury). Before that there are several other opportunities to connect, recharge batteries and refresh and join forces:
18/19 November Dru Yoga and Dru Yantra Workshop at the Yoga Vidya Kongress in Bad Meinberg (Dr. Klaus Wolff)
22nd November Dru Yoga Evening: The Power of the Heart (Alfter)
17th December: Joy to the World – Christmas seminar with Lalita Doerstel, Thomas Wollmann and Dr. Klaus Wolff
20th December: Visionsseminar – Ziele im Unterbewusstsein verankern für 2018
20th January (Berlin): Dru Yoga Workshop – Make 2018 the best year ever
28th January (Alfter): Erfolg nach Plan – Wie man mit wenig Aufwand ein Jahr total positiv ändert
23-25 Februar (Alfter): Dru Yantra (Mars / Merkur – Power und Kommunikation)
More dates coming soon. Lots of love from the heart to you all!

Dr. Klaus Wolff

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