Huge Thank You to the 32 Participants of the Dru Matsya Yantra Workshop!

– The yantra of growth 31. March – 2. April 2017  –
It was such a powerful and joyful experience to join forces with all of you painting the yantra of growth – expanding the positive qualities and growing out of problems and „vices“ – for the good of all beings.
Thank you especially for the courage to expose yourself to such a transformation and a change beyond words.
From the bottom of my heart thank you also to Chris Barrington who has created this unique opportunity by putting together a very, very special matsya yantra (which is not shared on this foto, deliberately).
So much looking forward to see you all at the next yantra adventure (Varaha-yantra) in October 20-22 „Saving the earth“ and of course at our Congress 13./14. May, where you can meet two of the most extraordinary teachers, Chris Barrington and Lalita Doerstel.

Dr. Klaus Wolff

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Dr. Klaus Wolff - Heilpraktiker/ Psychotherapie

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